Everest Watch Pouch - Hunter Green

Everest Watch Pouch - Hunter Green


The stylish design of the Everest watch pouch allows watches to travel in a high quality, pristinely designed watch pouch. The soft leather material is proof of the calfskin's versatility and elegance.

The pouch is secured via an external snap closure for safety against jostling.

The snap is covered on the inside of the pouch to prevent scratching, and included inside the pouch is an insert that ensures the watch is not scratched by the bracelet or buckle. The insert and interior is a soft, Everest exclusive material.

  • An Everest exclusive material, only used by the finest watch brands for their service pouches and luxurious watch box interiors. The watch is cleaned of finger prints and debris while in the pouch.

  • Securely fastening button guarantee your watch's safety.

  • Included inside the pouch is a special extra insert that ensures the watch is not scratched by the bracelet or buckle.

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