ColaReb Roma Watch Strap Black

ColaReb Roma Watch Strap Black


Stunning ColaReb Roma strap in Black with off white stitching.

Utilising smooth Italian leather with a brightening effect, the ColaReb Roma is characterised by its oval holes and hand sewn double stitching highlighting the distressed nature of this strap.

Made in Italy under the watchful eye of the ColaReb family, these straps offer the best quality to price ratio of any we’ve come across in the market. Absolutely beautiful straps, made of the highest quality with the love and care imbued by an independent company who clearly care about the product they put their name to.

All ColaReb straps include a beautiful ColaReb etched buckle.

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120mm long side

75mm short side excluding buckle


3.5mm thickness

Longer and shorter straps are available, please look for listings featuring the words LONG or SHORT for easy identification.

*to ascertain which strap size is right for you, measure between the lugs of your watch. Most modern watches measure between 18mm and 24mm.

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