Should I Consign or Sell?


Looking to free up some funds for that next purchase? Then send us some information on what you'd like to part with, and we'll be back to you to help you take the next step in your horological journey!


If you've got a little more time on your hands and are looking to maximise the return for your timepiece then consignment can be a fantastic option.

How does it work? Simply fill in the form below providing Watch Vault with all the relevant information on your timepiece. A sell price and commission percentage will be agreed, and then all you need to do is send the watch into us, we photograph it, list it through all regular sales avenues including  forums which we frequent, and sell your watch!

Once the sale is confirmed as completed by the receiver and funds have cleared in our account, we will transfer you the agreed upon figure within 48 hours.

If the watch is not sold within 90 days it will be returned to you at our cost.

All watches are fully insured whilst in our custody.

Fill out the below form with some info about your watch, and we'll be in touch to discuss further

*We use the TZ grading to categorise the condition of our watches.

Please use our guide to decide which best describes your watch.